(Phrasal verbs2) Memorandum | 備忘録

自分があまり使わないphrasal verbs「動詞+副詞」を載せていきます。日本語は簡潔に書きます。

I’m going to write a list of phrasal verbs that I do not use frequently/ (never used or forgot) to help improve my English skills.

Into / Away

read sth into A” – believe that an action, remark, or situation has a particular importance or meaning often when this is not true.

throw oneself into~” – start doing to something new with energy.
[仕事などに] 打ち込む。

enter into~” – start to become involved in something, especially a discussion.

launch into~” – start something, say something in an enthusiastic way.

went into~”  – (past) describe in a detailed way

tear sb away”  – force someone to stop doing something they enjoy in order to do something else.

send away for sth” – write to an organisation, to ask them to send you something.

lock oneself away” – go to a room to be alone

If I have made any mistakes, please let me know via comment section.

source: Cambridge dictionary, English phrasal verbs in use (Cambridge)

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