Madeon and Porter’s Shelter Live. 

I hadn’t imagined that I would see Madeon and Porter until they appeared on the stage with their latest collab single “shelter” playing in the background. It was a surreal moment that I was standing just ten metres away from them, feeling too excited (or maybe over the moon) about what they are going to do in the one hour and 15mins live.

It was held in Melbourne’s Hisense arena, where a large number of people visit to watch a live tennis match during The Australian Open Tennis competition. When I arrived there with my sister, the queue to the entrance was already long that it was longer than the diameter of the cricket ground which situated just in front of the arena.

The guest show started at around 8:30. Lido, who is an Australian based electronic music artist, synthesizersperformed his experimental and somewhat melancholic futuristic sounds with druma and synthesisers.I noticed that Lido used Organ-ish sound for his chords, which reminded me of Sven Hammond Soul’s Jazz performance at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam.Although it was my first time listening to Lido’s music, I enjoyed it very much. He used quite a lot of sub bass, which is deep bass sound and its frequency is below 60Hz and is difficult to hear with normal headphones. However, when it was played with so many ample speakers, I could feel the sub-bass hitting my shin, which was weird and a bit uncomfortable at first, but as you get accustomed to it, I became addicted to it and I was craving for more. I must say, it is one of the feelings you can only experience in the live concert.

The main show started around 9:45, I got goosebumps when I saw two of them on the stage, and in the spotlight, I could almost see Madeon’s face. Also, I noticed that Porter wore a T-shirt from Nakata Yasutaka and Karry Pamyu Pamyu’s joint live concert, which got me excited as I am a fan of those two. The live show was based on their released songs and the way they mixed each other’s songs was so unique that I found it hard to identify songs in the first few seconds. However, some melody lines and vocals were quite familiar that could hum and sing even though I could not completely hear them in the mix. I am more of a Madeon fan than Porter, so I was able to spot Madeon’s songs more than Porter’s, but this made feel I should have listened to Porter’s songs as many times as I listened to Madeon’s because I wasn’t able to sing all his songs while others did.

The visuals accompanied with the mix was also amazing and I was unconsciously able to immerse myself in their musical world. I believe this took the live experience to a whole new level.

At last, they played electric piano version of their single shelter and it was followed by Porter’s “Language”. I was aware of this before the live set as I saw the video on twitter after Japan tour, but their performance and mix exceeded my expectation and the finish was astounding.

The concert was a surreal experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

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