A fresh new start

I am writing this in Baillieu library at The University of Melbourne. Today is the first day of orientation week in which many first year students attend to explore all parts of the university and learn how to spend their time at the university. When I arrived at the university, there were a large number of students gathering at the university square, signing up for the clubs and societies they chose to join. Usually, the university libraries are packed with students, but it seems that students don’t want to start studying yet, as I found a lot of self-study spaces.

It has been four days since I landed in Australia. This is my third and final year at The University of Melbourne. As much as I look forward to learning and acquiring new knowledge at school, I am concerned about whether I would successfully gain enough scores in my English test to guarantee my employment contract at the accounting firm I applied. However, I am looking forward to the next semester as I plan to do a subject called “Electronic Dance Music Technique” which teach tips of EDM production.

I have been watching BBC’s Sherlock Holms for a couple of days with my sister and it is a delight to see Sherlock telling people his intricate but straight forward observations. It is a shame that it only has four seasons, but I am looking forward to its next episode.


y_ _kwin_20170218_16_09_28_pro.jpg


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