(Phrasal verbs1) Memorandum | 備忘録

自分があまり使わないphrasal verbs「動詞+副詞」を載せていきます。日本語は簡潔に書きます。

I’m going to write a list of phrasal verbs that I do not use frequently/ (never used or forgot) to help improve my English skills.

Through / Back

flick through~” – to look briefly at its pages.

take through~” – to explain & show how to do something.

see through~” – to understand the truth about something or someone.

live through~” – to experience a difficult situation or an event.

we go back ten years” (informal) – we have known each other for ten years.

bite back”  – to react angrily, when someone has done something unpleasant to you.

bite something back” or “bite back something” – to stop yourself from saying something that shows your true feelings or thoughts.



If I have made any mistakes, please let me know via comment section.


source: Cambridge dictionary, English phrasal verbs in use (Cambridge)


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