A song I’ve made recently | Adventure

I am a huge fan of Madeon who is an electropop artist and since I had found Madeon’s music, I have been trying to create chord progressions like Madeon’s. Unlike mainstream Electro house music, Madeon’s chord works sound quite complex, emotional and uplifting at the same time. I am not musically talented to play instruments and create chords without referencing, but there is a website called Hookpad that allows me to play around with different types of chords and create my own. I reckon this website has all you need to create good chords. Features such as appropriate chord suggestions and instant key changing function are my favourites so far.

The project took more than 22 hours to finish as I had to repeat the same section of the song to make sure everything sounds correct and pitched.I normally use Logic Pro X to create songs, but because of ease of automation and creation of patterns, I chose Fl studio to draft my ideas and then use Logic for mastering. screenshot

This is my first time finishing a song on Fl studio and I have used several plugins which came with it. They are quite intuitive, and although I probably need to study more about sound shaping, I had fun tweaking sounds to create pluck lead and bass for the song.


Figuring out how to end a song was tough and unnerving as I felt repeating the same phrase will not going to complete the song in this case. With a help of my family, I managed to draw a midi that looks like the above photo.

The song does not have an obvious drop, but instead, it has main melodies, several breaks to create different atmospheres and processed vocal chops to create a synthetic feeling.

I hope you enjoy my song (Adventure) and feel free to leave a comment.


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