Monthly Archives: February 2017

A fresh new start

I am writing this in Baillieu library at The University of Melbourne. Today is the first day of orientation week in which many first year students attend to explore all parts of the university and learn how to spend their time at the university. When I arrived at the university, there were a large number […]

A song I’ve made recently | Adventure

I am a huge fan of Madeon who is an electropop artist and since I had found Madeon’s music, I have been trying to create chord progressions like Madeon’s. Unlike mainstream Electro house music, Madeon’s chord works sound quite complex, emotional and uplifting at the same time. I am not musically talented to play instruments and […]

(Phrasal verbs1) Memorandum | 備忘録

自分があまり使わないphrasal verbs「動詞+副詞」を載せていきます。日本語は簡潔に書きます。 I’m going to write a list of phrasal verbs that I do not use frequently/ (never used or forgot) to help improve my English skills. Through / Back “flick through~” – to look briefly at its pages. ~をさっと読む “take through~” – to explain & show how to do something. ~を手取り足取り指導する “see through~” – […]

ブログ始めます。|First Post

ブログ始めます。 自分の身の回りで起きている事、趣味の音楽や英語のこと、なんでも書いていこうと思います。 This is the second time I am creating my blog. My first one did not go so well as I had to focus on my high school studies. I will post pretty much anything that happens in my life, as well as my interest and university subjects such as music and Accounting.   […]